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Automotive hail repair solutions

The Best Auto Hail Repair

Every spring and summer, the vehicles here in Colorado and Wyoming can fall victim to some of the worst hail storms around. This can cost you a good chunk of money and leave you without a vehicle for a fair amount of time. When you need quick and efficient auto hail repair solutions, be sure to partner with the experts at Accurate America. We can help both individuals and organizations restore their vehicles to perfect condition once again. Keep scrolling to learn more about our auto hail repair services, or contact Accurate America to answer any questions and to schedule an appointment today.

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Services We Can Provide For You:

  • Minor vehicle hail damage repair

  • Major auto hail damage repair

  • Individual car hail repair

  • Commercial/fleet hail damage repair

  • Residential roofing services

  • Multi-family property roofing solutions

  • And more!

Top-Rated Auto Hail Repair Company

While hailstones may seem small, hail can actually cause quite a lot of damage. Even pea-sized hailstones can be enough to cause damage to your property. Golf ball sized hail can leave large dents and has even been known to completely shatter auto glass. Anything bigger than that can cause massive damage to vehicles, homes, and infrastructure alike. When you need the best auto hail repair services in Colorado and Wyoming, be sure to come to Accurate America to get your vehicle back to perfect working order.

Whether it’s a few minor dents or your car is completely totaled from a major hail storm, we’re ready to help you. We can get your vehicle back on the road in no time, even helping you navigate the complicated insurance processes that you may have to go through. We even accept up to $1,000 deductible assistance for qualified vehicles. Here at Accurate America, we understand how important your vehicle or fleet is, that’s why we provide quick and efficient hail damage repair solutions to everyone all throughout the country.

We can even provide professional roofing services to help repair any hail damage that may have affected your home, building, or multi-family property. When it comes to hail damage, we’re your one-stop shop for all of your property’s repair needs.

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Our Types Of Auto Hail Repair Services

Auto Hail Repair

When hail hits your vehicle it can cause thousands in damage. We will help you navigate the process and restore the lost value in a timely and hassle free manner.


We know that when your lot gets hit you need to have a quick, cost effective, and reliable solution to repair your inventory. We have the staff and experience to get you back to pre-storm operations in an efficient and timely manner.

Fleet Services

Large fleets have unique concerns when dealing with the aftermath of a hail storm. We have worked with multiple fleet management structures to repair vehicles while maintaining service operations.