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EXPERTS Low Slope & Flat Commercial Roofing

When you need to protect your business from the elements, a flat roof may be a perfect choice. Commercial flat roofing systems are a popular option for businesses as they give you the ability to use all the square footage in your facility. They also offer easier access for routine maintenance of external HVAC and mechanical machinery. Having the ability to perform routine maintenance will lengthen the lifespan of your roof and, this makes flat roofing much more cost effective for companies than other options. Accurate will ensure that all local codes and manufacturer requirements are met as well as designing proper drainage and insulation systems.

Accurate is a full-service roofing system provider with extensive experience installing all types of flat roofing. We will make sure your flat commercial roof is made with the best possible flat roofing materials and is catered to your specific needs and qualifications. We have experience building many different types of roofing including:

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer): EPDM is a specialized, synthetic roofing material that holds up well in harsh weather conditions. Most business property roofs have little or no slope, allowing for water or snow accumulation, which can damage a roof over time. EPDM offers good thermal properties and contracts and expands in fluctuating temperatures, making it a great choice for low or no slope roofs. It’s available in black or white to retain or reflect heat, is economical and easy to install.

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin): TPO is a popular roofing system that offers affordability, is environmentally friendly, and exceeds the current US energy standards. The TPO membrane is extremely flexible and can resist damages caused by high impact, punctures, and tears. TPO is easy to install and not as messy as other applications. Because of the exceptional weather and ultraviolet resistant qualities, this has become a very popular and desirable material for commercial roofing.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR): One of the oldest, and most common roofing systems, the built-up roofing system is an excellent option for flat or low slope roofs and is extremely effective for larger commercial properties. BUR consists of multiple layers that are treated with bitumen and finished with a glaze, providing extensive leak protection. It is more durable than EPDM roofing, and while it costs more than EPDM, the warranty for BUR is typically longer.

Modified Bitumen Roofs: Modified bitumen roofs, or "mod bit" roofs, are another great choice for low or no slope roofs. Modbit roofs are similar in composition to bur roofs, but have an added polymer allowing for greater elasticity. There are several advantages to using a modified bitumen roof including its resistance to tears, it’s waterproof, flexible, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain and repair. Modified bitumen roofing offers reduced chemical emissions and can be applied using cold methods, which is less disruptive to the business and its operations.

Our Types Of Commercial & Industrial Roofing Services


Roof Coating

A typical roof replacement on a commercial building can be costly and lead to weeks of disruption. Our roof coating systems can be completed for a fraction of the cost of a replacement and cause almost no disruptions to your day to day routine.

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Multi-Family Property

Multi-family roofing projects pose unique challenges. Tenant safety, reduced access, limited work hours, and proper clean up are just a few items that require additional attention during multifamily roofing projects. Accurate America has the staff and experience to properly mitigate these issues and complete the project.

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Commercial Roofing Repair

Whether the result of a storm or general maintenance issues, leaks and damages may suddenly appear and cause major problems for your facility. Accurate America excels at finding and properly diagnosing issues. Regardless of what kind of roof repair your commercial building needs, no job is too big or too small for Accurate America.

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Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Your roof is often one of your largest capital investments. That’s why it’s important to protect it and make sure it remains in good condition as long as possible. To help extend the life of your facility’s roof, Accurate America conducts a multi-point inspection prior to putting together a custom maintenance package for your business.

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