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Everyone likes doing things themselves. Not only do you not have to rely on anyone to come and fix issues you may have, but you get a sense of accomplishment after you’ve finished the task. While DIY projects are great, there may come a time when you need a professional to help you out. Here at Accurate America, we’re sure you’re quite handy, however when the time comes to hire a professional roofing company for your home or commercial space, then we’re the perfect partner for you. We provide commercial and residential roofing services all over the country, including Colorado, Wyoming, and Louisiana.

Whether you need simple roof repairs or complete roof replacement, the experts at Accurate America are ready to help you. As the top-rated roofing company around, we’ll do everything we can to help your property become safe and whole once again. Keep scrolling to learn why you should hire a professional roofing company for your roofing services, or contact Accurate America to schedule an inspection of your property today.

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  • Residential and commercial roofing services

  • Quick and efficient roof repair

  • Complete roof replacement

  • Metal roofing services

  • Porcelain tile roofing services

  • Shingle repair and replacement

  • Hail damage repair

  • And more!


Practice makes perfect for just about everything. Roofing is no exception to that rule. While some quick videos can give you a good idea of what you need to know, they can’t help with everything, especially if your problem is unique or the roofing materials you use are newer. While you may feel confident that you can perform your roofing services, and we’re not arguing with that, roofing contractors have years of experience and knowledge working with all kinds of roofs and roofing materials. When you hire a local roofing company for your roofing services, you can rest assured knowing that the person working on your roof is knowledgeable and experienced.

When you need an experienced roofing contractor, be sure to partner with Accurate America. Our professionals are all highly trained and have years of experience providing all kinds of roofing services. Whether you’re working with traditional roof materials or you want to switch to something more modern, the experts at Accurate America can help repair or replace your roof. We’ll also keep you informed during the entire process, helping to reassure you and give you an accurate timeline for when your services will be complete.



Unless you have years of experience working on roofs with all kinds of tools and equipment, chances are you may not be able to keep yourself and others completely safe while you work. Serious injuries can occur when you don’t know the proper precautions to take when fixing or replacing your roof. Even a simple patch or shingle replacement can be dangerous to you and others if you don’t truly know what you’re doing. On top of all this, if you don’t properly install your roofing materials, they can literally come crashing down on top of you and anyone inside your home.

Professional roofing contractors, like those you’ll find at Accurate America, know how to keep themselves and others safe while providing you with expert roofing services. Professional roofers are also trained to use and install roofing materials properly, making sure that everything is safely placed and affixed. With insurance that covers both employees and your property should something happen, working with an experienced roofing company will help make sure your roofing services are installed correctly and safely.



Trying to learn something new takes a lot of time, energy, and patience. If you want something done right, and you want to do it yourself, then you’ll have to invest a lot of resources into it in order to make sure you have the right materials and that you install them correctly. However, those trips to the hardware store can become rather costly, especially if you don’t know exactly what you need on the first trip. If you forget something, or if you don’t install something the right way, you could spend a lot more money than you originally thought you would. On top of that, you’ll be spending a lot more time fixing your roof than you wanted as well.

If you want to make sure your project is done quickly and as efficiently as possible, then you’ll want to hire a professional roofing company to help you. Roofing contractors will be able to quickly diagnose any problems they see with your roof and easily acquire the materials needed to finish the job. Once they have everything they need, roofers will make quick work of your roofing services, working quickly and efficiently to get the job done. If you want to save time and money on repairing or replacing your roof then be sure to hire the best roofing company around.

Whether you’re in need of simple roof repairs, or you’re looking for total roof replacement, Accurate America has everything you need to make your property whole again. Learn more about our roofing services, or contact Accurate America to schedule your roof inspection today!


Your roof is your home’s best friend. Not only does it move water and debris safely away from you and your family, it also helps insulate your home to keep it cozy and comfortable for everyone. When your home needs roof repair or total roof replacement, then Accurate America is the perfect partner for you. From the smallest of fixes to complete renovations, our top-rated roofing company will help your home get back to perfect working order once again. Our professionals work quickly and efficiently, making sure that your services are done properly and on time. Learn more about our residential roofing services to see how Accurate America can help your home.


Commercial roofing

Having a reliable roof over your head really makes doing business a whole lot easier. However, if the roof of your business or office space isn’t doing its job properly, you’ll definitely know about it. Not only is a leaky or damaged roof distracting for your employees, it’s also unprofessional and unsightly, possibly affecting how many customers or clients you see. If you need commercial roofing services, then Accurate America is the perfect partner for your business. We can provide all kinds of commercial roofing solutions, including commercial roof repair, low slope roofing, and professional roof coating. Learn more about our commercial roofing services to see how our expert roofing company can help your business.



Multi-Family Property Roofing

Multi-family properties are beginning to rise all over the country. They offer comfortable housing solutions for many different individuals and families. While they can be extremely convenient, these multi-family dwellings can also fall victim to things like weathering and physical damage. When you need professional multi-family property roofing services, then Accurate America is ready to help you. We can provide the best roofing solutions for your apartment or townhouse complex. Learn more about our multi-family property roofing services to see how we can benefit your business.



Auto hail repairs

Homes and roofs aren’t the only thing that can be affected by hail. In Colorado and Wyoming, our vehicles are highly susceptible to hail damage, mainly in the summer and early fall seasons. If your home and vehicle are both damaged by a hail storm, then Accurate America is your one-stop shop for all of your hail damage repair services. Here at Accurate America, we can provide auto hail repairs for vehicles of all makes, models, and years. Whether it’s minor damage or your vehicle is completely totaled, we can offer top-rated auto hail repair services for you. Learn more about our auto hail repair services to see what Accurate America can do for your car, truck, or SUV.

When you need the best roofing services in Colorado, Wyoming, and Louisiana, be sure to partner with Accurate America. Contact us to answer any questions you may have about our services and to schedule an inspection of your property today!



Special Roofing Material

Roofing materials are constantly changing. While the ever popular shingles will always remain a constant in the roofing industry, there are newer and more efficient roofing materials being introduced every year it seems like. Here are some of the special roofing materials that we can provide for both home and business owners all over the country.


Metal Roofing

While it may not be the newest roofing material, metal roofing has undergone many significant changes over the years. Modern metal roofs are sturdier and can take higher impacts than metal roofs in the past. They also last longer than metal roofs previously did, helping to preserve your investment in a quality metal roof. When you need metal roofing services in Colorado, Wyoming, or Louisiana, be sure to trust the experts at Accurate America. We can help with all kinds of metal roofing solutions, including repair, replacement, and routine maintenance. Get to know our metal roofing services to see how our metal roofing company can help you.



Concrete Tile Roofing

One of the newer roofing materials used around the world, concrete tile roofing is a viable option for many homes and businesses. Concrete roofs are highly durable and require little maintenance to ensure their longevity. However, they can pose numerous challenges in terms of repair or replacement if one tile is damaged by weathering or improper installation. Here at Accurate America, we’re experts at handling and working with concrete tile roofs. We can provide all kinds of services for your concrete roof, including repair and replacement whenever it’s needed. If you’re looking to get these special roofing materials for your home or business, then be sure to learn more about the concrete roofing services here at Accurate America.



Porcelain Roofing

Some of the newest roofing materials, porcelain tile roofing is beginning to take off all around the country. This innovative roofing material is both beautiful and highly durable as it can withstand damage from hail stones up to three inches in diameter. Partnering with Daltile, we can provide your home or office space with some of the best porcelain roofing materials around. Accurate America was the first roofing contractor to sell Daltile, and we look forward to offering these high-quality roofing materials to all of our customers in the future. Get to know our porcelain roofing services to see how our porcelain roofing contractors can assist you.


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When we say we’re the best roofing company around, we’re not kidding. Here at Accurate America, we provide the best roofing services all over the country. From east to west, you can find all of the roofing services you need right here at Accurate America. Here are just a few of the cities we provide roofing services for around the United States.

  • Denver
  • Fort Collins

  • Pueblo

  • Cheyenne

  • Breckenridge

  • Lafayette

  • Crested Butte

  • Gunnison

See all of the areas we serve all around the country, and be sure to contact Accurate America to schedule a roof inspection for your property today!

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