How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

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It’s common for both homeowners and commercial property owners to not think much about their roofs on a daily basis, but keeping track of this asset is essential for its longevity. Understanding when to schedule an inspection is the best way to know for sure if you’re in need of a roof repair or entire roof replacement. Accurate America, based out of the Denver, Colorado area, is a roofing and exterior contracting company that not only services both residential and commercial clients, but has the expertise to help you determine when to have your roof inspected. Check out all our advice below and contact us directly to get started on any Colorado, Wyoming, or Louisiana roofing projects!


Standard Timeframe: Biyearly

As a general rule of thumb, it’s considered best practice by the National Roofing Contractors Association to have your residential or commercial roof inspected twice a year; or, if twice a year isn’t feasible, then taking care of this task annually can help you assess the condition of your roof. Taking care of this maintenance task biyearly with a company like Accurate America is the best way to catch and prevent any large, potentially expensive issues. This way you have more knowledge of the roof and gutters before moving forward with any roof repair or roof replacement projects.


Factors That Affect Roof Inspection Frequency

Aside from the standard twice a year timeframe for roof inspections, it is necessary to have an expert opinion on if your residential or commercial roof needs anything to maintain optimal efficiency. One of the major factors that go into roof inspection frequency is the location of your home or building; if you live in an area such as Colorado or Wyoming — where heavy snow, hail, and wind can come into play — then scheduling services for frequency may be needed. If your roof is also nearing the end of its lifespan, has suffered a large amount of damage in the past, or is showing signs of damage, then it’s best to contact Accurate America as soon as possible.


Schedule Inspections After Heavy Storms

As we touched on above, if the area where you live or conduct business has recently experienced severe weather or heavy storms, this heavily effects how often you should schedule a roof inspection. Shortly after the weather clears, plan to have a roofing expert like those at Accurate America come to your location and see if there are any roof repairs that need to be dealt with immediately. While an entire roof replacement may not be necessary; it's critical to take care of minor damage as soon as possible.


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